Event Road Shows

We get about here at Events Inc, make no mistake. Event road shows are an area in which we have real expertise and we are poised and ready to go-go-go with new ideas. You might be thinking that’s all very nice, but ‘what’s an event roadshow when it’s at home?’ Well, that’s the point. It’s not at home. It’s anywhere but.

You may be looking to add new and exciting activities to an existing range of events dotted around the UK or build added-value to a multi-location customer event or loyalty programme. Perhaps you want to launch a new product or service on a wider geographical scale but prefer a personal, face-to-face and altogether more fun approach to doing it to create that extra buzz.

Whilst timescales are an important consideration for event road shows, key advantages include the variety and permutations at your disposal enabling you to really engage with your audience in a dynamic and memorable way. You can take the same message or the same event and replicate it at each different location or create bespoke events and entertainment for each.

Our professional team have a wealth of experience managing the logistics and delivery of complex event road shows throughout the UK. We can source suitable venues and plan themed events for small groups or large audiences. We also have our own kit comprising of a fantastic range of activities, from zorb football and Segways to pub games and target sports that we bring to your event road shows, set up and manage on-site.

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