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Conferences and Venue Finding

We know, an event deadline is looming. You’ve already made some frantic calls to randomly selected hotels but the only venue available is low cost and distinctly more shabby than chic. Your head is saying you need to book it but your heart is just not feeling the love.

Imagine something completely different: a venue with more character or luxury, a sensorial delight, or, before we get carried away, just with that unique ‘thing’ that could take your event from average to amazing. You see it’s the ‘thing’ that we love getting to grips with here at Events Inc.

The minute we start finding out more about your event, is the minute we are formulating ideas and options and can start the process of finding the very best venue to meet your needs. We are supportive and pro-active from that first call through to event completion and beyond. It’s about matching common sense and the downright important, with the creative and inspiring – and we certainly don’t shy away from a challenge.

The team at Events Inc continuously visit venues to understand their event capabilities, both inside and out, long before we speak to our clients. From large scale conferences to small intimate gatherings, our experience in event management will bring you the same professional and seamless result regardless, and one that meets your budget and timescales. We listen, we plan, we organise, we deliver and we don’t mind admitting we really enjoy it too!

Forget random, frantic or shabby for that matter. Let us delight you with a venue, conference or event that exceeds your expectations.

What We Do

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