a spy day


The Brief:

We received a call from the Head Office of Barnsley based Flexseal wanting us to arrange their International Sales Conference for 50 guests which is held biannually in the UK. We had successfully delivered two of their previous conferences so our pencils were sharpened and to the ready!

We were to provide a team building event for Day 2 of their International Sales Conference for all 50 guests. The elements of the day needed to encourage team building, introduction of new staff and clients.

The Challenges:

  • Each year has to outshine from the previous year. Bigger = better.
  • The client has already chosen the hotel venue – so we had to consider logistics if taking off site or incorporate space/land available.
  • To consider any language barriers.
  • To work within the client’s budget to incorporate a full day including lunch off site if needed.
  • Our site visit was a challenge in itself due to a heavy snowfall which resulted in getting a little stuck!

The Results:

A Spy Day

The venue: We arranged the activity to be off site as the hotel venue did not offer the suitable grounds required for the chosen day.

The theme: After lots of brainstorming and ongoing conversations and communications with our client we decided to take the route of espionage! The client was launching a new product which had to be kept Top Secret and its blueprint kept away from competitors for many months so this sounded ideal, the scenario being secret company documents relating to the new product being stolen.

The results: We took all guests off site at our specially chosen venue, and surprised them with the mission. We also included fun activities for the afternoon with clay shooting, a Segway challenge, rage buggy driving and included lunch and prizes and special awards.

The experience on the day:

  • The guests were told that they were off for the day via coach on a multi activity day.
  • Upon arrival our SWAT team announced that there had been an interception and code red high security alerts that a rival coupling company were trying to obtain the secret drawings for the new internal coupling.
  • Everyone was alerted to be extra vigilant; we were there to discuss and instruct particular things to look out for their own protection The guests were given training on skills they will need.
  • A lovely BBQ lunch and then fun activities for the afternoon with clays, a segway challenge, rage buggies. Followed by awards, prizes and plenty of laughs.
  • We also had been asked to incorporate a special award for the father of two employees that had recently passed away, we named the Segway challenge after him and had a special trophy that the staff presented after the evening meal.

What They Said:

I had not one negative comment from anyone. And some of the guys can be quite critical if they want to be, so consider it a complete success!” … The afternoon activities were perfect! I thought that Bret’s Segway ‘Torbjorn Berglund Challenge’ was brilliant. Please send him my best and congratulate him on a brilliant job!

I had excellent comments and the highest praise for you and the team from our American CEO, the Group Managing Director and my boss (the International Sales Director). They thought that the activity day brought our customers closer together and that the French guys (involved in a company we have bought in France only two months ago) bonded together and with the rest of the group so well through the brilliant time they had on the activities day. They were definitely the ‘life and soul’ that day!

I just want to say Lisa, that yet again you have organised and executed an absolutely brilliant day! I cannot thank you enough and as always I would gladly recommend you and the guys at Invents Inc. with absolutely no hesitation to any company wanting to put on a fantastic event. If you ever want any kind of testimonial or you want me to speak to any potential customers about how happy we are with your service, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Richard Barker-Poole

International Sales Manager