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Sonia’s top tips for smooth event planning

We asked Sonia Dean, our MD, for some ‘Top Tips’ to ensure your event meets everyone’s expectations.

Careful planning will ensure you catapult your event from being just a nice experience to something really memorable. Defining from the outset why you are holding the event and what you are trying to achieve, your objective, is essential. We also ask our clients to think carefully about the audience – who will be attending – is this a business event for clients? Is it more informal for family and friends? What is their age range and are there any specific considerations such as mobility?

At this point it is important to confront the uncomfortable issue of budget! Some people will have a very strict budget in mind whilst others a broad range…or no idea at all. A detailed consultation should precede a quotation. It could be easy to get swept away with ideas and keep adding to the costs, so an early focus on this area is essential.

The next major consideration is the space required to accommodate everyone, whether it is indoors or outdoors or both, the time of the event, impact on the surrounding area and practical and logistical requirements before, during and afterwards.

Perhaps one of the more difficult decisions is the location because it needs to satisfy all the other criteria in one go. Unless guests are all based within a tight geographical area, thought has to be given to transport and travel times, accessibility and parking. We did have an interesting experience once trying to get a double decker bus with guests on board through a very rural part of Dorset. It was for a murder mystery bus treasure hunt with low bridges and a 30mph top speed limit…. a challenge we still managed to overcome and proving that almost anything is possible!

To summarise:

1) What is the objective of your event?
2) Who will be attending?
3) What is your budget?
4) How much and what type of space do you need?
5) What is the best location?

We’re seasoned professionals in super smooth event planning and delivery – so if you have something in mind please do contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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