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Planning an event? Expect the unexpected!

With a myriad of decisions to make and responsibilities on the day, it is easy to see how organising an event can set even the calmest person’s nerves jangling. One way to start planning is to think about some of the events you have attended and note down what was good or what could have been better. If the food was delicious but you had to park miles away from the venue, then it might be the blisters that were truly memorable!

You can’t control the weather but you can avoid clouding everyone’s enjoyment so don’t lose sight of why you are organising your event and who your guests will be. A lovely lady celebrating her 100th Birthday decided age would certainly be no barrier to fun! Organising a garden party for family and friends, she rejected a quiet cup of tea and cake and opted for entertainment for all, such as live music, outdoor chess and giant jenga.

It’s tempting to live a champagne lifestyle on a beer mat budget but it pays to keep your costs in check. Making savings allows you to splash more on the important things. Of course the capacity and location of the venue can make a big difference to the smooth running of an event. This was certainly true for a Murder Mystery Bus! It was an interesting experience trying to get a double-decker with guests on board through a very rural part of Dorset with low bridges and a 30mph top speed to contend with. Even more so when two of the guests didn’t return to the bus and had to be ‘found’ later.

There are times when no amount of careful planning can influence the outcome. At a bird of prey event, an eagle could not be coaxed back down to land after being startled by a young man on his stag do, wearing a bright red clown’s wig and who had mistakenly stumbled across the event. It took 12 hours for the bird to return, though probably longer for that man to recover from his hangover. On another occasion, guests completing a Treasure Hunt party in London had not quite arrived for their Thames cruise when a bomb alert on the riverside, due to an unattended rucksack, meant the boat had to make a sudden departure with no announcement. Confused guests were left running down the pier shouting “wait for us!”

Such challenges are almost always overcome, so in planning your event don’t let fear dampen your enthusiasm or stifle your creativity. Almost anything is possible, but it helps to expect the unexpected.  For more top tips see Sonia’s post on smooth event planning.

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