High Performance Car

Driving High Performance Team Building

A great team is like a finely tuned engine.  In order to run smoothly you need your team to be energised, motivated, empowered and engaged.  Great teams know how to communicate well, understand how to maximise on their complimentary skills, and develop deep levels of trust, while managing conflict effectively. 

You wouldn’t expect your sleek sports car to run at optimum performance if you didn’t regularly check under the bonnet, top up the oil levels and service it regularly.  The same applies for your team.  If you want your team engine to tick over smoothly in order that you remain ahead of the pack, regular pit stops are required to ensure the team is running at its best.

High Performance Car

The level of attention your team needs may vary from pit stop to pit stop.  Perhaps it needs a top up of energy by means of an energising team event.

It is easy to tell the difference between a finely tuned team engine and one that requires an urgent MOT by measuring performance and output.

On occasion your team can benefit from a full service, to check all the parts are in working order.

Team Building

This is where our collaboration with Dolphin Team Development will serve you well.  Events Inc Ltd deliver a number of fantastic Team Building Challenges however we recognise that some business need the finer tuning and that’s where Dolphin Training work closely together with Events Inc in developing an event to really help you to with your team learning and development.

Dolphin Team Development

They will help you to really understand the personalities that keep your team running well, to ensure that potential conflict triggers are eradicated or addressed, and create a hunger in your team to perform at its best for you, the team and the business.

So if you want to keep your team’s engine running smoothly, here are some top tips from Events Inc and Dolphin to help you drive performance and achieve success:

Top up your team’s energy levels with regular fun events with Events Inc including:

  • Energise and engage the team with an exciting Multi Activity Event to include Segways, Rage Buggies, Archery and a number of engaging and fun Team Building Exercises
  • Deepen team bonds with an F1 Themed Challenge.
  • Motivate and reward the team with RIB Boat Ride on The Thames.
  • Interactive Old Fashioned Pub Games or creative workshops such as Perfume Making.

Team MOT with Dolphin

  • Understand team personalities and dynamics
  • Prevent or manage conflict
  • Develop a strategic team road map for the journey ahead
  • Understand effective communication so the team can work in sync

Does your business need a service then call us for a no obligation quote.

Why not take us for a test drive today?

Angela Jowitt is co-author of How to Coach Your Team: Release Team Potential and Hit Peak Performance which was released on 10 Aug 2016.

How To Coach Your Team


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