Deeper than a Mince Pie


We often try and motivate teams in times of change – or socialise teams when they work at distance or there is a breakdown in communication – but are we leaving out those who just continue to do a great job year after year?

I am sat here, 3rd mug of coffee dry –  after writing a lot of thank you cards to my beloved customers then I turn my attention on to my beloved suppliers who I can’t do without.  

I absolutely appreciate my trusted 3rd party suppliers and I have got a fabulous working relationship with many of them – lots now actually close friends through the blood, sweat and tears of the events industry that drives us (nearly) to drink!

I hope that they feel the same about Events Inc – I do hope so.   But I wonder if that sentiment follows through other businesses?

I am not, by the way, just thinking about writing a card or sharing a mince pie (however, I do really love a mince pie – must be warmed!) I was thinking along the lines or setting some valuable time aside to take employees out on a treat.  However, I do really love a mince pie (must be warmed).  I am thinking about an afternoon out – or a mid year event rather than waiting till the boozy Christmas Party when, let’s face it, it’s not the best time to have a ‘group hug’ (without falling over).

Ideas for events that are perfect as a thank you but don’t break the budgets are:

  • a Thames RIB Boat Blast followed by a 3 course dinner for £99 per person* Great for teams of 12 upwards*
  • a Segway Event via our sister business starting at £35 per person*
  • a classic Pub Games event for up to 70 people – prices start from £20 per person*
  • a wonderful Fragrance Making workshop – prices start from £50 per person*

Ideas for events that are larger and would suit a more substantial budget would be:

  • A full day Country Pursuits Day to include Duck Herding, Dog Handing, Ferret Racing, Birds of Prey Handling and Tractor Riding – prices start from £150 per person*
  • A Cookery Masterclass – from start to finish and your creation can be enjoyed (eaten) with fine wines – prices start from £150 per person*
  • Views of London on board a chartered boat on the Thames with a luxury Casino on board – prices start from £150 per person*

*prices would depend on group size.

So as we say good bye to 2016 – and enter 2017 – have a little think about how you can put time aside for those who are always on the ‘good list’ in 2017.

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