Building customised team events

Customised team building activities

Team Building Activities have the potential to bring people together to learn, grow, and communicate.  However, without careful planning and a customised approach the process can lead to division rather than cohesion, with the potential destination of team disaster.

Our Events Manager, Lisa Carpenter, shared her insight on this important topic:

An area of risk we often see is when people think of team building activities they automatically think of competitive activities – where two or more teams pit themselves against one another, promoting clearly defined winners and losers.  A highly competitive event can work really well for some team dynamics, but not all and the real value of team building might be hazy.  Team bonding can be confused with team building and of course we can do both but they have different objectives and planning needs.

Team bonding tends to involve an informal activity, with non-work related content and a chance for less structured time away from the familiar work environment – anything from a couple of hours to a whole day.  Team building will integrate specific criteria such as understanding change, new learning methods, ice breakers and communication skills.  Please be assured the days of cringing over role play or picture drawing exercises are over.

In essence, we work with our clients to consider carefully what they are really trying to achieve from the event, their aims and objectives, and what level of expertise they might need on the day.

Chosen activities can be both fun and challenging and the simple act of sharing an experience enhances the team spirit – in other words team bonding.  Trying out one of our Segways or Zorb Footballs makes quite a change to working at the office desk all day and can be a great way to get everyone talking.  Other less active yet creative or skills based ideas can generate different dynamics in the group such as forming a music band or ‘apprentice’ style cookery workshops.  Opportunities also exist with local community and charity enterprises who can offer your team a really positive shared learning experience.

Many of our clients also want different ways of engaging with employees and we have successfully incorporated team events into one or two day conferences.  Here information is shared about future plans and opportunities, collaborative working and new strategies.

In summary we have moved away from one-size-fits-all to highly bespoke team building and team bonding solutions.  We advise our clients to look at current organisational and team objectives as well as the natural personalities, style and approach of individuals within those teams.  Time spent doing this early on helps avoid alienating the very people they are trying to reach.

Find out more about our bespoke team building activities – call Lisa Carpenter on 01525 374572 or contact us on line.


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