A Steady Pace Wins the Race

I learnt personally that when I was forced to slow down, I still achieved my goals just as well by careful planning. Spending just an hour with an Event Professional at the start of planning your corporate event will reap the rewards in the long run.

My lesson.  Today I didn’t feel that great. The post Christmas bug finally caught up with me during the holidays. Luckily for me I have a wonderful husband who took my gorgeous, yet extremely lively, two young children away from under my feet so I could recover a little. For those who know me well, I don’t rest very well (I am not nicknamed the Tasmanian devil for nothing). I was forced to work at a fraction of the speed I normally work to.

I had an empty house, and a free day – but my body told me I could only move at a snail’s pace! It was frustrating I won’t lie.  My ‘task ninja’ was screaming inside.

I spent the day doing what I could and managed as many tasks as I could based on my energy. I didn’t multi task by having 10 plates spinning at the same time as I wouldn’t have been able to catch them – but I kept at a slow steady pace. One plate at a time.

After a few hours I decided to venture out with Jack-the-hound.  I couldn’t bare the filthy glances he was throwing my way.  Slippy underfoot and dizzy as I was, we took a walk to our normal spot. I took these pictures with the sun setting.


I realised at that moment that I had achieved everything I needed to. All was fine. No need to feel frustrated.  I got there in the end, and actually really enjoyed it.
I reflected on how similar the events industry can sometime be.  I often speak to new clients who have tight deadlines and many roles to juggle, an event being one of them.  I have seen impulsive behaviour and the demand for a quick ‘blind’ quotes – wanting to gather as many quotes as possible to bring into the next board meeting.  My advice  always is always to take extra time and think about what they want to achieve and keep sight of their goals – or let’s say, think of the goals the want to set (you will be surprised how many clients don’t actually know what they want to achieve).

Setting those goals takes time and also takes a lot of thought. Gathering 100 quotes (the Tasmanian devil) for what you think you might want will take more time than spending an hour with an event consultant to really ‘un-peel’ your event. You can then move forward knowing exactly what you need to deliver. And it’s still just an hour of conversation, that’s all.

When I speak to a new client (or any client to be honest) about their corporate event or team event,  I do ask a lot of questions. This isn’t because I am questioning them about why or what they have chosen but mores the fact that I want to make sure that they are heading off down the right route. Why do they need to do the same as last year? Where can they make savings and where can they bring elements of surprise and excitement into their event? I feel it’s my duty to help guide them to their destiny in the most efficient way.  My clients often thank me and say that they hadn’t considered varies elements and together, as a team, we reach our goals. This is with a calm process – step by step.  Over the phone is absolutely fine too (coffee in hand face to face is always my favourite however).

My advice therefore would be to slow down – work with a trusted event provider and spend some calm, well thought out time, to plan and place your energy into thinking what your priorities are in the end.

By the way, the walk made me feel much better. And Jack ain’t so bad too.

If you want an informal chat about how to approach your event – feel free to contact me.  http://www.eventsinc.co.uk/contact-us/

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